The time has come to add a handful of talented jobbers to the dark lotus roster!

Calling all Jobbers and Submissives in the sunny state of Arizona! Dark Lotus Fantasies and myself - Irene Silver - are looking for lovely individuals who would like the opportunity to be used for customs! Damn right I said used! We are looking for individuals who would enjoy the pleasurable experience of being a POV body or fully on camera body for various Fetish and Kink based customs to be filmed by Dark Lotus Fantasies or directly for Irene Silver. These will feature herself and or her Dark Lotus Girls. Are you interested? Read on to discover moar!



what kind of things do you film / shoot?

Pro Wrestling - Submission Wrestling - Tae Kwon Do - Boxing - Grappling

Scissors - Smothering - Face Sitting, Breast Smother - Trampling

Bondage - Impact - Floggers, Canes, Paddles - Feet - Tickling

Ball Busting or Cunt Busting - General Femdom - Spanking

Humiliation - Lift - n - Carry - Sleeper Holds - Rear Naked Chokes

Do I need to be a pro?

Not at all! You simply need to have a good sense of humor, maybe be a little kinky yourself and be ready to have fun! Previous experience is always appreciated but not always required for the shoots! I do suggest being able to handle some sort of physical activity since this is a contact sport! For fantasy scenarios where you look like you take a hit but don't actually get hit, you will be properly trained how to do so by Irene. Some Customs request actual contact so please note in your application if you are able to handle actual body blows or are interested in trying to take them. All body blows are at or under 50% strength of full force.

Anything else important I should know first?

  • This content is shot because it has been paid for by a customer. The content created will be provided to said customer and will also be available for sale on my Fansly as well as on my future sites. Because of this a MODEL RELEASE AND 2257 WILL BE REQUIRED BY ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED.
  • Another person will be present during the shoot to handle the camera or generally assist during the shoot. This person is often Jack, the guy who fills in for a lot of my video content when I don't have anyone available and who normally assists my shoots. Sometimes he is not available and it will be one of my Dark Lotus Gals.
  • I will ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE a government issued ID to be provided so I may verify your age.
  • I will make a photo copy of your ID.
  • I will also need to take a photo of you holding your ID next to your face with the ID text legible.
  • The model release must be completed before the shoot begins.
  • A video exit interview is required for the jobber. - This is to verify you were treated properly and were not asked to do anything beyond your limits.
  • There is no payment or compensation for these shoots. Just the pleasure of the amazing experience!
  • You can wear a mask if you do not want your face to show.

Okay I'm interested! How do I sign up?

Excellent! We are excited to receive your application! To show me you are supah serious take a moment and fill out my Google Form by clicking on the button below. Once I receive your response and review your Application I will let you know if you've been chosen to be added to my roster of people to call on. If you are added to the roster you will be emailed when there is a custom opportunity that would work well for you and ask if you are interested in participating. There is no guarantee of being chosen for a custom or a guarantee of participation in a shoot just because you are chosen for the roster.