Irene as a Model

Irene started as a model when she was 14 taking on runway and commercial work with companies like Bioré and Aquage. After brief management with an Agency as a minor she decided to take on the modeling industry as self represented once she turned 16. Over the years she explored a variety of genres acquiring several publications, novel covers and gallery features along the way. Visit the Portfolio section of the website to explore a sample of over 17 years of Irene's modeling career. Find an image you like? See if it is available in the store! Irene is available for paid projects and still models for select collaborations to this day. Submit a booking request via the "Contact" option found in the menu

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Irene started her path in Photography in 2007 after a 4 year career in commercial and fashion modeling. As part of her training she completed a 4 year intensive apprenticeship under a well respected photographer in Scottsdale, Arizona. Irene discovered a passion for creating unique Maternity and Portraiture works early on in her Photography career after being hired for a few different body paint Maternity photo shoots and artist headshot update shoots. Once she found her niche she started to develop her knowledge of set design to further expand her creative possibilities. She enjoys bringing whimsy and joy to her shoots through her sets and personality. Irene specializes in fantasy, post apocalyptic and custom settings, creating truly unique photos for anyone who books her. A lot of the props for the sets are hand built by Irene or her fiancé Jack specifically for a booked concept. She rotates out themed rooms in her studio every 6 months or so. Besides building the set and taking and editing the photos for the session, Irene pose coaches when requested bringing to light her vast pose dictionary and 17 years of experience as a professional model in front of the camera.

Irene as a fighter

Irene has studied traditional Tae-Kwon-Do since she was a young girl and continues to do so weekly! She has achieved a second degree black belt under Grandmaster Sun Duk Choi and though she continues to study she has no plans to test for a higher belt. Now days she enjoys using her TKD to help in stunt and fantasy fight work. She currently trains a handful of young models in the traditional Martial Art preparing them for their own fantasy fight and staged combat experiences. Irene is currently training in no gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Pro Wrestling training to expand her knowledge of stage combat and semi competitive fighting.

The Pain Proof Punks


Irene can be found performing with her Arizona Sideshow Family the Pain Proof Punks throughout the year. Irene Performs a variety of acts including:


Violet Wand & Electricity Play

Heavy Hot Wax Pour

Blood Bath

Glass Walking & Dancing

Staple Gun Barbie Doll

Fire Fleshing

Mistress of Pain

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