Fansly - A place where i can finally post all my smut!

Since OnlyFans decided to tell all sex workers to go fuck themselves I have, like many others, moved my content to another platform. My OnlyFans will remain active but will only have a sample of my work. More specifically it will only have the current year's worth of content and only up to Topless exposure! I would simply rather my supporters not give their hard earned money to a company that doesn't support what we are doing. Sooooo... After many hours and countless uploads I have finally created my Fansly account.


Not only can I now offer different levels of Subscriptions but I can also offer PPV options for those who would rather not subscribe! I've already begun uploading my massive archive for my lovely followers and have decided to launch my account while I am in the uploading process! During my upload months (September-October) subscribers get to enjoy discounted subscriptions for their first month and multiple uploads every week beyond the normal schedule until the archive is complete! In general there are less censors on there and I can include some of my more Taboo content like S Q U I R T I N G and P E E (yes, they are different). Stuff that is banned on OnlyFans is clear on there so I'll also be releasing full XXX videos available for PPV! Finally I am releasing some of my Smut Archive!

Obviously you unlock the most with the $100 Supreme Lotus Subscription... You can consider it an all access pass to me and my smut. Not only is my entire photo archive and selfie video archive unlocked but so are some solo masturbation videos! You also gain massive discounts on Customs and any PPV with me and other people! The lowest tier is my $15 Sensual Lotus Subscription and includes uncensored photo sets and videos every month. This is also where access to my fetish content begins! The $25 Seductive Lotus Subscription is kind of the perfect mix of everything. You get tons of monthly content plus you unlock my old archive of content from 2019 until now and get full spreads1 You also get 10% off any PPV content! You can look through the images below to see a detailed description of each tier available.

So what does that mean for my OnlyFans?

I will NOT be deleting my OnlyFans page. I just need to make modifications.

I've cleared out most of the content that would get my account in trouble. Honestly, things wont look that much different on there... My page was already mostly within the new guidelines so I didn't have to do much. OnlyFans has decided to SUSPEND their decision so I am still wary and will be playing it safe. They also updated their TOS with some new terms and rules which also make me wary. To appease the OF gods I will keep that page to simple Implied Nude and Topless content only on the feed. There will also be only light weight fetish on there. Feet, Fantasy fight previews and non super aggressive stuff. My OnlyFans page will also showcase the CURRENT calendar year's work. At the end of the year the main feed will be wiped and have all new content on it focusing on the new calendar year. Don't worry though some highlights from previous years will remain in the Archive!

The monthly posting schedule is now:

- Exclusive Behind the Scenes photos and bonus content from my shoots not posted on my other social media.

- 1 High Resolution photo set up to topless exposure on the main feed.

- 2 selfie sets with Titties out on the main feed.

- 2 uncensored shower videos sent directly to your inbox for your enjoyment!

- 1 Fetish or Kink focused photo set or video preview. Unlockable option will be available in DMs occasionally!

Fansly is where it's at!

Click the button below to sign up and then choose your Subscription!

What kind of Tiers do you have?

There are 4 Subscription levels

$15 - Sensual Lotus

$25 - Seductive Lotus

$50 - Sinful Lotus

$100 - Supreme Lotus

Slide through the images below to explore what each tier has to offer!