September 10th - 8pm

Join us for an immersive experience that mixes art, entertainment and expression.

On display in the gallery are 40 pieces from the photographic series Sticks and Stones by Holly Shoemaker.

Outside enjoy live performances hosted by Felicia Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming. Featuring performances by Pain Proof Punks' Rusty the Clown, Dragula's The Dahli, The Showgirl Succubus, Irene Silver and Trishna Murti.

Refreshments available. 21+ mature subject matter.

Words do hold power. Negative words in particular, seem to have the most power over us. Sticks and Stones was created with the intent of reclaiming our power over these negative words.

Each model has chosen their own word. Their stories are powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. Many participants chose to share the story behind their selected words, which are displayed next to their image in the gallery.

We are the people in your community. We are parents, children, siblings and friends. We are educators, healthcare workers, truck drivers, advocates, creatives, customer service representatives, restaurant employees and beyond. Simply put, we are you. We are here to say, “These words do not define us. These words cannot control us, and screw anyone who thinks they can use them against us.”

25% of all art sales will be donated to Mulligan's Manor, which advocates and provides services for at-risk youth, as well as providing mental health and wellness services.

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