Welcome to our alternate reality

Take a journey with Dark Lotus Photography into a world of fantasy and beauty. Take a dip with the Fae in a Fairytale Grotto. Come play with the Neko and Kitsune in the Sky Garden. Stroll through the graveyard with the Grim Reaper. Why not join us on this adventure to endless possibilities.


Dark Lotus Simple Shoot

- 2 Hour Shoot -
Includes ONE look
Includes current sets & backdrops
6 Edits - Minimal retouch


Glow Up

- 3 Hrs - Half Day Shoot -
Includes ONE look
Includes Professional Hair & Makeup services
Includes use of current sets & backdrops only
6 Edits - FULL retouch


The Content Creator

- 6 Hours - Full Day Shoot -
Chose ONE look
Includes Professional Hair & Makeup services
Wide variety of scenes available
20 Edits + 1 video + BTS
Unedited gallery of remaining images provided



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Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, to lock in your appointment date you must pay a non-refundable $50 deposit. The deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your shoot. Once your date is locked in I do not schedule any other appointments that day. If you need to reschedule the deposit floats with you and will be put towards the total cost of the shoot. IF I have to cancel I will refund the deposit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I can accept the following forms of payment:
Square - Card Reader (credit card fees apply)

How long before my digital proof galley is ready?

I will first go through and delete all of the blurry images as well as any images that you are blinking, in-between movements or sneezing in. I will then create a client gallery for you on Pixieset. You will get an email with the link and can create a favourites list directly through the gallery. This gallery will be ready within 48 hours of the completion of your shoot.

How long does it take to get my edits?

After I confirm the receipt of your favourites list it will take no longer than two weeks to get your Dropbox link emailed to you with your full resolution edits. There will be two folders. One for printing ONLY and one for all of your web and social media needs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, Promo, etc).

Do you provide the wardrobe and accessories?

Though we do have some wardrobe we ask that you bring your own to ensure the best fit and feel. We do have a wide variety of costume accessories such as ears, wasteland accessories, and various themed props on hand.

Do I need to be a model to book you?

Absolutely not. A good number of individuals in my portfolio are not models. I am always happy to help with posing.

I'm a bit nervous. Do you have any tips or tricks to help prep for my shoot?

This is my Model Prep list for shooting:
- Nails -
No Chipped nail polish (unless it’s in theme).
No intense, bright or neon colours unless discussed prior.
When in doubt keep it simple with French tip, nude, light pinks / browns and clear coats.

- Skin -
Please don't wax or shave day of, this it to avoid irritation or redness. Try to prep the night/day before the shoot.
Shower the morning of or night before the shoot. Moisturize after your shower!
Go through your normal face care routine the night and morning before your shoot.
If an artist is doing your makeup do not apply makeup before your shoot. If you need to you can wash your makeup off at the studio once you arrive.
Moisturize your skin before leaving for the shoot or once you get to the studio.
If doing body paint or glitter you can moisturize in the morning but not right before your shoot to ensure proper application of body paint or glitter.

- Body and Hair -
Drink plenty of water the day/night before and day of.
Eat something before the shoot! You want to make sure your body has energy!
If you are having your hair done by Danielle, day old hair is best for styling.
Please wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable to the shoot so you don't have lines on your body from things like jeans and bras.

What is your escort policy?

You may bring an escort or friend but please keep the behind the scenes distractions to a minimum. If your escort turns into a back-seat photographer I will ask them to leave the room. (They can sit in the makeup area) Escorts must be approved 24 hours before our shoot.
- No children please -
Though we do our best to ensure the studio is safe at all levels and for everyone, when shooting it is impossible to give children the necessary care they deserve and need. Even if you have an escort to watch them, they often cause distractions that take away from your shooting time and overall experience.

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

Hey, life happens. Kids get sick, cramps are a nightmare, you woke up with a bump on your eye… These things happen and its okay. Chances are you're not the first person this has happened to. Cancelations are accepted up to 6 hours before your shoot and may be rescheduled no questions asked when notified within this time frame. Cancelations or no shows that happen day of and are less than 6 hours before our scheduled shoot will require a discussion before rescheduling eligibility is determined. Communication is the most important part of this. If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason please be honest and communicate with me as quickly as possible so we may accommodate you to the best of our ability! We are here to make the photo shoot process easy and fun for you! There's no reason to stress about needing to reschedule.

What should I bring day of the shoot?

A robe or wrap to wear during breaks
Shoes or slippers that can be easily slipped on and off
Costume/outfit, accessories, shoes
Makeup for touch ups (if doing your own)
Government issued Photo Id (Driver's License, Passport, State Id Card, or Passport Card)

What should I know about the studio?

•Irene is allergic to tobacco so any smoking must happen out back on the patio or out front. Vaping is allowed inside of the studio.
•You may BYOB to the studio but please make sure you have a DD for the ride home! We do have wine available at the studio for models with ID who want a glass or two.
•Jack Lennox will most likely be present during the shoot. Jack shoots Irene’s video and BTS work. He is also her second photographer and her fiancé. He can be absent for any part of the shoot, just message us beforehand. Your comfort and ease of mind is important to us!
•We will only use photos from our shoot for portfolio display with your written permission.
•We have a full bathroom with a shower so you can wash off your body paint if you wish in the studio.
•We have a full kitchen with a fridge to store your food and various ways to heat up anything you may want to bring to eat.
•We always have water and snacks available at the studio but can't guarantee they will be ones you like so it's always good to have your own food plans.